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Pushing beyond the standard: ASU physics student awarded national fellowship

The Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program awarded Glenn Randall the opportunity to pursue graduate research at ORNL.

Conducting research: Exploring charge flow through proteins

In a new study appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Stuart Lindsay and his colleagues demonstrate electrical conductance through proteins poised between a pair of electrodes.

First woman to earn PhD in physics at ASU marks 25 years working in modeling instruction program

Jane Jackson was the first woman to receive her PhD in physics at Arizona State University. This month she celebrates 25 years working with ASU.

Overcoming doubt: A first-generation student’s story

A first-generation student, Angelica Berner graduated this December as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Medalist for the Department of Physics.

ASU emeritus professor celebrates 90th birthday with international recognition

Ernst Bauer, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus in the Physics Department, has been recognized for his lifelong work and his invention of the low energy electron microscope, or LEEM.

The lure of new materials: ASU welcomes new physics faculty

Arunima Singh joins ASU as one of the Department of Physics' newest associate professors, her research focuses on exploring synthesis and applications for nanomaterials.

Climbing great heights: A conversation with new ASU physics Professor Siddharth Karkare

Siddharth Karkare will continue his work with electron beams at Arizona State University as an assistant professor in the Department of Physics.

Passing on the spark: New physics professor aims to inspire

Antia Sanchez Botana joins Arizona State University as an assistant professor in the Department of Physics. Her research uses density functional theory to guide the computational design of materials with new possible uses.

7 success tips for postdocs

We asked postdoc Sean Seyler, a graduate research assistant for Arizona State University's Department of Physics, to share some tips for success that all postdocs should know.

ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences acknowledges spring 2018 Dean’s Medalists

Robert Lee was awarded the Dean's Medal for the Department of Physics for Spring 2018. Lee worked as a teaching assistant for upper-level classical mechanics courses in the Department of Physics, as well as a research assistant at the ASU Meson Physics Group.

ASU Allivates Physics Teacher Shortage, Strengthens STEM Pathway

Now in its seventeenth year, and the only program of its kind in the state, the Modeling Instruction program in the Department of Physics in theCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences is geared toward lifelong learning.

Student awarded: Joshua won APS 4C award

Joshua Sadar won the Outstanding Student Presentations Awards with his talk titled “Bottom-up preparation of nanopore array with self-aligned nanogap electrodes for single biomolecule characterization” at the APS Four Corners Section.

Nobel laureate to join ASU Physics

Frank Wilczek (Nobel laureate 2004) is joining Arizona State University as a professor in the physics department, where he will work on a variety of important issues in theoretical physics, as well as organize workshops to advance the academic field by gathering the best and brightest physicists worldwide.

First US citizen to rank in the World Physics Olympiad in Zurich

AAbijith Krishnan, high school senior, has just won a Gold Medal at the 2016 International Physics Olympiad: the first US citizen to rank in the history of the Olympiad.

Is the "Dark Force" Real, And Can It Unlock Dark Matter?

Glenn Randall, a physicist at Arizona State University, is currently working on a fascinating new experiment called DarkLight that could confirm this game-changing physics discovery. Randall walked Popular Mechanics through what this new force could be, why it could help us understand dark matter, and how DarkLight might prove it exists.

Decorated ASU Physics graduate is Cambridge-bound

Aditya Dhumuntarao, graduating in May, has earned the top award for an undergraduate in both his majors — the Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize, and the Outstanding Physics Undergraduate Award, as well as an NSF Graduate Fellowship, and the inaugural Origins Project Undergraduate Research Scholarship.

Physics professor celebrates 40 year anniversary

President Michael Crow awards Professor John Spence for his 40 years of service to ASU.

Christie Trimble named as Dean's Medalist for the Department of Phsyics

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes graduating senior Christie Trimble for her outstanding academic achievements in Physics and Nanoscience.

Driven physics graduate student teacher recognized for excellence

Varda Hagh, a graduate student working with Professor Mike Thorpe on jamming and rigidity theory, has been given a Graduate and Professional Student Association Student Teaching Excellence Award.

When going small is big news: ASU Professor shrinking down electron-laser technology

Free electron lasers are powerful devices that can peer deep into molecular structure and the ultrafast timescales of chemistry, and they are usually miles long and cost billions to build. But ASU Physics Professor William Graves is constructing a version that will fit on a tabletop.

2015 American Physical Society - Four Corners Conference Success

The Department of Physics hosted the 2015 - APS 4C conference, and with the help of faculty, staff, and students we were able to break conference records.

ASU and Phoenix Valley teachers team up for computer simulation summer workshop

Allan Friesen (currently a high-school science teacher) and Dr. Dmitry Matyushov organized a summer school for talented high school students from the Phoenix valley. Three weeks of activities focused on learning how to perform computer simulations of biomolecules and to analyze simulation results.

James Cornelison awarded FAll 2015 Dean's Medal

James A. Cornelisoin was selected as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Deans Medalist for the Department of Physics. As an undergraduate James has been involved in research with Dr. Groppi.

ASU, Mayo Clinic collaborate to advance medicine through joint research

The recipients of the 2016 ASU-Mayo Seed Grant Program have been announced. ASU Physics Professor Robert Nemanich will partner with Martin Bues, Mayo Clinic assistant professor of radiation oncology to developing a diamond junction device to improve monitoring of cancer therapy.

Physics welcomes new faculty

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Dwyer, who joined the Department of Physics as an Associate Professor this Fall 2015. He is an electron microscopist with a background in scattering and condensed-matter physics.