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How To Apply

Applications are accepted for the fall semester only. The application deadline for full consideration for the Fall semester is January 31. Files completed after this date will be considered, but students should recognize that most of the financial resources will be committed by early spring.

The entire admission process is electronic and is coordinated through the ASU Graduate Admissions. The entry link for application is Graduate Education's admissions page. All application materials must be submitted online, do not mail any documents to the Department of Physics. All official documents transcripts and test scores should be sent to Graduate Admission .

Below, we provide a clarification and elaboration of the various steps involved. Application requirements for physics PhD (codes: ASU = 4007)

1.     GRE scores for Verbal, Quantitative and Analytic.

2.     TOEFL (or equivalent) for non-native speakers. ASU requires international students to have minimum TOEFL scores of 515 (PBT), 213 (CBT), or 83 (iBT). At the department level, we look forscores about 15% above these minima,since language skills are critical for teaching assistant positions.

3.     Complete transcripts of educational work, to date. Transcripts should include the fall semester or winter quarter grades, if possible. Transcripts MUST be submitted by mail to the Graduate Admissions. Documents must be issued by the school with the official seal or stamp and an official signature. International academic records must be in the original language accompanied by an official English translation (including official certification of degrees and dates granted). Please visit the following link for more information: http://graduate.asu.edu/admissions/degree_requirements

4.     Statement of purpose. Be sure to include specific items that indicate your personal attributes of initiative, creativity, determination, flexibility, etc relating to research or personal interests.

5.     Three letters of recommendation. You will be asked to enter the names and email addresses in the online application of three individuals who can recommend you to our graduate program. These letters should be written by faculty or professional colleagues who have supervised you for research or academic work. For international students, specific comments about ability with spoken English will be helpful.


Many students inquire about the selectivity of our PhD program. For reference, it may be helpful to consider the average metrics for a recent incoming class as show in the table below.

Number of Applicants4080
GRE Verbal (%)70%60%
GRE Quantitative (%)75%85%
GRE Analytical (%)50%25%
TOEFL - Speaking portion24 or higher