The Department of Physics hosts colloquia every semester. Each semester speakers from around the world from various physics topics are asked to give a talk on relevant and innovative research. Colloquia are held on Thursdays. 

Light refreshments will be served at 3:15pm outside PSF 101, and Colloquium lecture will begin at 3:30pm in PSF 101.

For more information about the Colloquia, please contact

Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Title Host Speaker Photo Flyer Ad Colloquia Recording Location

Oliver Beckstein

Arizona State University

From the Wiggling of Atoms to Fundamental Biological Processes via Multiscale Modeling

Doug Shepherd

Dr. Beckstein Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Beckstein.pdf 916.18 KB Link PSF 101

Douglas Shepherd

Arizona State University

Exploring the 'Rules of Life' Through Optical Microscopy

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Shepherd Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Shepherd.pdf 1.17 MB Link PSF 101

Rizal Hariadi

Arizona State University

Probing Biomolecular Fluctuations Under Tension with Multi Axial Entropic Spring Tweezer Along Ring-Shaped Origami (MAESTRO)

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Hariadi Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Hariadi.pdf 974.79 KB Link PSF 101

Siddharth Karkare

Arizona State University

Photoemission and Bright Electron Beams

Robert Nemanich

Dr. Karkare Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Karkare.pdf 4.67 MB Link PSF 101

Kanu Sinha

Arizona State University

Taming Quantum Fluctuations in Nanoscale Systems: Some Ado About Nothing

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Sinha Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Sinha.pdf 1.34 MB Link PSF 101

Richard Averitt

University of California San Diego

Towards Properties on Demand In Quantum Materials

Robert Kaindl

Dr. Averitt Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Averitt.pdf 582.53 KB Link PSF 101

Thomas Hartman

Cornell University

The Entropy of Hawking Radiation

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Hartman Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Hartman.pdf 160.78 KB Link PSF 101

Liuyan Zhao

University of Michigan

“Seeing” Multipolar Orders with Nonlinear Optics

Onur Erten

Dr. Zhao Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Zhao.pdf 704.18 KB Link PSF 101

No Colloquium

Dave Smith

Arizona State University

Leveraging de Broglie: Pursuing Atomic Resolution in the Electron Microscope

Fernando Ponce

Dr. Smith Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Smith.pdf 494.78 KB PSF 101

Bryan Henderson

Arizona State University

Beyond "Active Learning" in the Physics Classroom: How Different Forms of Student-Centered Instruction Can Yield Different Levels of Understanding

Patricia Rankin

Dr. Henderson Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Henderson.pdf 762.47 KB Link PSF 101

Shinsei Ryu

Princeton University

Many-Body Quantum Physics Through the Lens of Quantum Entanglement

Onur Erten

Dr. Ryu Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Ryu.pdf 230.75 KB Link PSF 101

Erik Winfree


Pattern Recognition by Molecular Self-Assembly

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Winfree Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Winfree .pdf 249.69 KB PSF 101

Nikhil Malvankar


Wiring Cells: Control of Microbial Behavior using Protein Nanowires for Environmental & Human Health

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Malvankar Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Malvankar.pdf 435.05 KB PSF 101

Andrew Strominger

Harvard University

Black Holes, the Most Mysterious Objects in the Universe

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Strominger Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Strominger.pdf 311.75 KB PSF 101