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It is never too early to start planning your future in physics. Whether you are just starting your degree or are in the last stages, take a look at these resources to help you gain a better understanding of what to do once you have your diploma.

**Career Services Drop-in Advising will take place in PSF 470 on 1/15/19, 2/19/19,  3/19/19, and 4/9/19 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. If you have questions regarding resumes, CVs, graduate school, post-graduation employment, etc...please swing by!**

Figuring out the basics

Figuring out the basics

Research Areas - Look over the different areas within physics. Once you know what area interests you most, you will have a sense of what career will fit you best.

Physicist Profiles - Review profiles of individuals and their career path. This will help you to determine what careers would suit your interests and also what it takes to get there.

Consider Graduate School - Depending on your area of interest, you may need a graduate degree. Use GradSchoolShopper to look up the different graduate schools that thrive in your field.

Network - Whether you want to go into the private sector or pursue a PhD, you'll need recommendations. Make yourself known to your professors by attending office hours, setting up one-on-one meetings, and attending department events. 


Popular Career Titles

Popular Career Titles

Below is a list of common job titles held by physics graduates. Use this list to help steer your job search.

Systems Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Design Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Project Engineer

Optical Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Technician

Laser Engineer

Associate Engineer

Application Engineer

Development Engineer

Engineering Technician

Field Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Technician

Product Engineer

Product Manager

Research Engineer

Test Engineer

General Engineer

Technical Services Engineer

Software Engineer


Web Developer

IT Consultant

Systems Analyst

Technical Support Staff


High School Physics Teacher

High School Science Teacher

Middle School Science Teacher

Research Assistant

Research Associate

Research Technician

Lab Technician

Lab Assistant

Accelerator Operator

Physical Sciences Technician


Arizona Employment

Arizona Employment

Interested in pursuing a career in Arizona? The American Institute of Physics provides a list of employers in Arizona that hire physics graduates. To see the list of companies, click here

ASU Career Services

ASU Career Services


ASU's Career Services staff can help you with the following:

Building your resume or CV

Practice Interviews

Career Exploration 



Students can utilize Handshake to schedule an appointment with a career services advisor, look for employment, find internships, and more! 

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