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ASU Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional physics association explicitly designed for students with an appreciation for physics, as well as other sciences. SPS is a lively community of students helping students and we are open to anyone with an appreciation for physics. Whether you have a mild curiosity for the science, or an intellectual passion, our goal is to promote physics through various avenues: 

  • Organize social gatherings which are almost always centered around physicists and food. 
  • We volunteer on campus at multiple ASU sanctioned events such as the Night of the Open Door, SESE and Physics Open House. 
  • We maintain a Physics Outreach Program by visiting local schools to share the excitement of physics by offering demonstrations of topics in physics.

We are primarily a forum of students encouraging collaboration and communication between students interested in physics, regardless of their interests or level of experience.

2020-2021 Officers 

President - Gregory Babic

Vice President - Chase Hanson

Secretary - Samantha Borges-Eckert

Treasurer - Mia Nicolacoudis



Membership Form 

Students can also join SPS by attending a meeting. Meetings are currently held over Zoom - 

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11/1/2019Applying to REUs


Location: PSF 478