Spring 23 Dean's Medal
data-align="center" Max Pezelle- Spring 23 Dean's Medal

Max  Pezzelle , undergraduate student at the Department of Physics  , achieved an extremely important recognition on the Dean's Medal  list . He is a passionate research physicist and highly motivated and dedicated to science . His research interests are in the classical double copy - stated generally, it says that there are classes of spacetimes which can be written as an appropriate square of an electromagnetic field, and it has important implications for the relationship between gravity and gauge theory, the theory that governs the other fundamental forces in nature. Max quotes “In physics we get to seek answers to beautiful questions.”

He presented his paper in the APS Four corner conference in Albuquerque,The Four Corners Section, established in 1997, has a strong commitment to support the work of physics students and to give them opportunities to present their research and to meet physicists in our region. The research paper he presented was titled “Treasure Hunting in the Classical Double Copy” . He quotes “This opportunity is a great inspiration for me to excel in the future and prepare himself for further explorations. I am very grateful to have this stage for building up my confidence and showcasing my further research.”

His mentors Dr. Tucker Manton ,Dr Damien Easson (Current Mentor) , Dr Cynthia Keeler ,Dr Joseph Foy (Thesis Director) kept him motivated to strive the best for his paper and appreciate all the efforts he has put in the research .He said “Working with them as mentors was great day and feel obliged to work them at starting of my career journey in research.”  He gives credit to his mentors for keeping him inspired to complete the paper and gave him confidence to present and publish the paper at a conference which is a dream coming true for  him . He got the recognition for this work at Spring Dean’s Medal in 2023,  The Dean’s Medal is given to a single student in the Department of Physics ,The College Of Liberal Studies and Sciences  who has shown outstanding work during their time at ASU and within the department. 

Dreams are not meant to be seen with close eyes , they are to be fulfilled with open eyes - This quote suits Max Pezelle very well . His dream to be a research professor has already started taking shape and his excitement towards the field of research is astonishing . He is currently working on another paper with a team of his mentors  “Killing vectors and the Kerr-Schild double copy”- Dr. Easson, Dr. Gabriel Herczeg, and Dr. Manton. He is striving to work more in this field and provide solutions to problems for humankind. 

In the fall he will be attending Brown University as a graduate student in physics. He is striving to work more under this field and provide solutions to problems for humankind and set up relations so that the ecosystem is maintained . He is accredited to Arizona State University for this opportunity to be a part of the journey and acknowledge his talent and love for physics .He is taking new steps with his foot in the door that was opened for being here at the Department of Physics . He is moving with more momentum under his wings of knowledge. He is honored to receive the Spring 23 Dean’s Medal for his achievements and capabilities. 

This story of a brilliant student is just a small clip of student achievement in the department and we are here to support and impart knowledge for leading change in human society .