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Wally Stoelzel Physics Scholarship and Fellowship

Program Type: Undergraduate/Graduate

The Stoelzel Physics Scholarships are awarded by Mr. Wally Stoelzel in honor of Professor Allen Wager, former chair of the Department of Physics, and Ms. Glenna Curtis, former department secretary. Mr. Stoelzel did his graduate work in physics in 1965-1967 gaining the academic background necessary to teach and work in the industrial private sector. He was also Dr. Wager’s graduate assistant in 1967. During those years Mr. Stoelzel gained an appreciation of the time, effort and expertise that Dr. Wager exhibited, ably assisted by Ms. Curtis, in helping the ASU Physics Department evolve into a recognized major university physics department. The task was not an easy one during those formative years.

Successful applicants are United States citizens, either outstanding graduate or outstanding undergraduate physics students. Though there is no specific cumulative GPA requirement, academic success is considered.

The amount of this scholarship is an estimated $2,250, and may be split between the fall and spring semesters.

Application must be received by 11:59pm on the day it is due, and include:

  • Transcripts of all relevant work (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  • A brief statement, explaining why you should be considered for this scholarship, include any career plans.

Please submit all materials online. Applications (and required materials and letters) received after the deadline will not be considered, and a new application must be made for a later year.

For graduate students, please contact Araceli Vizcarra with any questions.