PhD admission

PhD admission

In the Department of Physics, we strive to admit only doctoral candidates who we fully expect to excel in all aspects of graduate work, including academics, qualifying and comprehensive exams, research, and personal satisfaction and enrichment.

An admissions committee assesses a variety of factors to determine admission offers. Our goal is to build a balanced cohort that satisfies departmental needs as well as diversity in gender, ethnicity, geographic origin and more. A typical class size is 20.

Explore physics at a greater depth

Phd program

Our doctoral program reflects the modern and interdisciplinary nature of physics. The program is flexible and allows students to choose coursework that is compatible with their interests. Plus, you can choose a faculty research mentor from our 40 core physics faculty or from the group of 40 affiliate faculty in departments and centers across campus. Your PhD experience is what you make it.

How to apply

The Department of Physics doctoral admissions process is coordinated through the ASU Graduate College and is an electronic process. You’ll need to submit your GRE score, transcripts, a statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation. Non-native speakers are required to take the TOEFL or equivalent exam. Learn more about the PhD admission process and get started.

Financial support

Full-time physics PhD students generally receive full financial support throughout their studies, in the form of a teaching assistantship, research assistantship or fellowship. Graduate students typically begin as TAs and progress to RAs as soon as is practical. Assistantships come with a full tuition waiver, health insurance and a monthly stipend.

International students

International students are an important part of our department. In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Department of Physics, international students are required to demonstrate English language proficiency through the TOEFL or other comparable exam. Because language skills are critical for teaching assistant positions, students must also take a SPEAK test upon arrival at ASU to help determine appointments. Learn more about international admissions.