A series of lectures describing frontier discoveries in science and technology that reveal awe-inspiring possibilities and exploring the futures they could lead to.

Location & Time 

Lectures will take place in Bateman Physics Sciences -PSF 166 and simultaneously via-zoom from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM (MST). Please register to obtain zoom link. 

Dates & Topics 

  • Thursday, February 16: Science and Purpose: the Threefold way
  • Wednesday, February 22: Prospects in Matter
  • Wednesday, March 1: Prospects in Life
  • Wednesday, March 15: Prospects in Mind
  • Wednesday, March 22: Futures: Scenarios
  • Wednesday, March 29: Coda: Beauty as Guide to Truth

Lecture Descriptions

Science and Purpose: The Threefold Way

It is often said that science cannot address questions of purpose.  I will argue that this is wrong, in a very important and specific way:  By understanding what is, science empowers us to imagine what could be, and thereby to think intelligently about what should be - and then to make that happen. I will mention, too, how in modern science we use beauty (what should be) as a guide to truth (what is). 

Prospects in Matter

Prospects in Life

Prospects in Mind

Futures: Scenarios

Coda: Beauty as a Guide to Truth