Some Frontiers of Physics

Six public lectures by Nobel and Templeton Laureate Frank Wilczek

Join us for a series of six high-level seminars about ongoing research on several important, far-reaching questions in physics!

Professor Wilczek will keep things as simple as possible, and much of the discussion should be accessible to upper-level undergraduates, but he will occasionally lean on more advanced material, for which references will be supplied. 

Location & Time 

Goldwater Building (GWC) Room: 505

Time: 3PM – 4:30PM (AZ time)


Dates & Topics 

  • Tuesday, February 13: Confinement Made Simple, Then Complicated: Real Virtuality, Sticky Gluons, Treeons, Channeling
  • Tuesday, February 20: T Symmetry and Its Violation: Conceptual Foundations 
  • Tuesday, February 27: T Symmetry and Its Violation: Triumph and Trauma in the Standard Model
  • Tuesday, March12: The Road to Axions
  • Tuesday, March 19: Axions in the Universe: Predicting Dark Matter, Rising to the Observational Challenge 
  • Tuesday, March 26: P and T in Matter and Biology: Glorious History and Beautiful Questions 

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