Accident/Incident Reporting - Employees must report any injury or illness associated to with an incident while at work to their supervisor. Your supervisor will work to create safeguards so the incident does not happen again. If injury, illness, or property damage is in excess of $500 the incident must be brought to the attention of EHS. 

Accident/Incident Report Form 

Reporting Theft - Any item that you believe has been taken without your authority under $999 should be reported to ASU Police. A copy of your report should be sent to the Student Services Coordinator. If your item is $1,000+ please call the front office at 480.965.3561 immediately to coordinate an in-person police report. 

Police i-Report for items under $999  

 For items over $1000 please call 480-965-3561 to speak with the Department Manager.

Olympus Complaints - Olympus is responsible for vacuuming and removing trash/recycle from ASU offices. If you believe service is not being completed in your area, please complete the below form.

 Olympus Reporting Form

Emergency Awareness Training and Certification - Faculty and Staff may choose to register for various trainings to help further prepare themselves for emergency situations. 

Emergency Response Guide : The Emergency Response Guide is provided in all University classrooms and main department offices. The guide provides information on how to handle common emergency situations. Individuals should provide emergency personnel with the street address indicated on a classroom's Emergency Response Guide. 

Safety Communications

ASU LiveSafe mobile app - The app enables you to send ASU Police anonymous tips and request ASU Police dispatch. 

ASU Hotline for Ethics and Compliance -  877-786-3385, "The Hotline should not be used to report interpersonal disputes, departmental conflicts requiring resolution or communication difficulties between employees and supervisors that do not pertain to allegations of criminal activity or violations of University policy. The Office of Human Resources, the Office of Equity and Inclusion and the Employee Assistance Office provide resource options for these types of concerns." 

Fire or Evacuation - All ASU employees are required to compelte annual fire safety/fire prevention training. 

 Physical Science F-wing Evacuation Plans


If you work with hazardous materials in your lab you are required to complete applicable training courses. To determine which training courses you need, complete the Training Determination Tool. Visit the EHS training webpage for additional information.

Minimum training required:

  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • Laboratory safety
  • Hazardous wase management
  • Biosafety and blood-borne pathogens
  • Radiation safety
  • Other courses depending on the hazards in your work area

Registering your lab - Labs must be registered on an annual basis. 

  1. Log in with your ASURite ID and Password
  2. Choose Manage My Account 
  3. Name of Responsible Party or PI
  4. Under Questionnaire choose Responsible Party Information 
  5. Under RPI choose Add Responisble Party Information or Renew an existing Party Information 

Note: For more information please review the Register a Laboratory/Space tutorial.

An ASU sponsor must initiate the proper process to provide visitors and volunteers access to ASU labs. 


  1. Request a courtesy affiliate ID
  2. Visitor must register for appropriate trainings - EHS Training Determination Tool


On Campus: 

  1. Complete General Volunteer Form 

In Labs:

  1. Complete volunteer registration form 
    1. This form does not apply to visiting scholars or research scientists, student workers in labs or enrolled students who are taking a lab class for academic credit. Please note minors in labs are also not volunteers, subscribe to a different process and will not be approved.
  2. Submit form to ASU Risk Management 
  3. Complete required training - EHS Training Determination Tool

Minors  ( 

On Campus:

  1. Complete General Minor Volunteer Form 
  2. Best Practices 
  3. Activity Assessment - Determine if your activity requires entry into the Minors on Campus Registry
  4. Minors on Campus Registry Tutorial 
  5. Submit activity to Minors on Campus Registry (if applicable)

In Labs:

EHS 116: Minors in Laboratories Policy

  1. Anyone working with minors will require a background screening (excludes: minors who are enrolled students, events open to public, IRB approved research, employed by the university)
    1. Questions regarding this process can be sent to 
  2. Complete request for minor access to ASU buildings or laboratories
  3. Submit completed request to Department Manager for Department approval
  4. If approved, request is submitted to EHS for approval
  5. Once final approval is granted, Minor completes required training - EHS Training Determination Tool

Title IX Compliance - The Department of Physics is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination based on sex. Several resources are available to the ASU community to assist in addressing issues involving sex discrimination and sexual violence.